You Are the Space – A Guided Meditation

Posted by in Happiness, Zen

Close your eyes and simply breathe.
Notice quality of your breathing.
You’re not changing it, you’re just noticing it and letting it be.
If thoughts arise, return attention to your body.
Scan your body head to toe, noticing all of the sensations in your body, the places where you are tight and holding tension
Just feel the sensations.
Let go of judging and analyzing and simply allow it to be.

With your awareness we are unconditionally loving this moment.

As you bring attention to your body and your breath, your breath deepens and your body relaxes.
Breathe deeper into your body.
There is no time like the present
Notice the shift from running towards something to just being here. Free.
Where is that formless dimension that is found within?
Tap into it.
Connect to it.
Stay in that space.

If you have some story or emotion going on inside you, just notice where it is in your body.
Ask where it is in the body.
All the thoughts we believe to be true are held somewhere in your body.
Stay with that sensation.
Be with it completely, allowing it to be and move out of you, dissolving, transforming.

This is the practice of returning home to yourself.
This is the practice of realizing that every single form is not who you are, yet arises in
who you really are.
This is the practice of pure consciousness;
the vastness that holds this universe.